Todd Wiesel

Before joining the SPS Instructional Support Team at Columbia University, Todd spent three years working in the field of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. His primary focus was developing the Women’s Insights on The Art of Negotiation Summit, an educational event designed to improve negotiation skills for women in the workforce. Prior to working at The Negotiation Institute, Todd served as a counter-terror specialist in the IDF. His experience in event management, team leadership, and conflict resolution have made him an instrumental addition to the Instructional Support Team. 

Todd lives on the Upper West Side with his Wife Tanna, who attends Columbia Law School, and their dog Simba, who mostly sleeps on the couch. He is enrolled in Columbia College of General Studies, earning his bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Todd likes to pretend he has free time. If he did, he would spend it reading biographies of diplomats, judges, and political figures, playing basketball, and running around with Simba.