Helix and Curricular Quality

What is Helix?

Helix is an application developed by the Innovation and Academic Technology team. It enables a program's curriculum or a course design to be represented, analyzed and managed as a collection of related learning objects. The Helix platform's ultimate purpose is to enable quality and consistency in program and course design.

Instructional designers and a growing group of administrative staff and faculty are now using Helix to validate alignment across program curricula and courses, typically in the context of redesign projects. Within the Quality Matters framework, alignment beings with defining objectives, and objective mapping becomes a valuable lens into course quality, a way of seeing the organizational structure of the learning experience. Program staff and faculty appreciate how mapping exercises enable their expertise to shine through, resulting in an optimized learning experience for their students.

Key benefits to Helix users include:

Program Design Phase

  • Validate alignment between program objectives and course objectives across the program
  • Generate an Objective Alignment report for accreditation or other review purposes
  • Generate an Objective Flow report to view how program objectives are being addressed across courses

Course Design Phase

  • Visualize and map alignment between course objectives and corresponding activities
  • Validate alignment between program objectives and course and activity objectives
  • Validate course quality against Quality Matters (QM) standards

Course Build Phase

  • Automate a significant number of Canvas build tasks
  • Use templates to maintain course quality standards and a consistent course experience
  • Auto-populate the course syllabus with objective and activity data
  • Create and auto-populate module Overview pages with objective and activity data

Contact our Helix experts

Interested in a demo of Helix? Feel free to contact the Innovation and Academic Technology team to explore how Helix can help your program or course demonstrate its quality and integrity.