HyFlex Perspectives

The HyFlex Experience

The following videos provide insights into the experience that HyFlex affords each of the following key stakeholder participants.

What is HyFlex?

HyFlex combines the terms “hybrid” and “flexible.” Hybrid learning refers to learning that integrates synchronous and asynchronous experiences in service of intended learning objectives. All students in a hybrid course are expected to undergo the same combination of online and in-person activities. In contrast, the “flexible” aspect of HyFlex is that students are given choice in how they participate in the course and engage with material in the mode that works best for them over the course and from session to session. They can:

  1. Participate in face-to-face synchronous class sessions in-person (in a classroom)
  2. Participate in face-to-face class sessions via video conference (e.g., Zoom)
  3. Participate fully asynchronously via CourseWorks