Instructional Design V2

How We Work With Faculty

Our collaborative course design process is one of mutual respect and appreciation for each party’s expertise. This process supports faculty by expanding and evolving their teaching practice and domain expertise in new and innovative ways.

The Course Development Process

Over the next several months, you and the Instructional Designer will co-manage the course development timeline and collaborate on the following development tasks:

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Finalize Course Foundation
  • finalize a robust, student-centered syllabus
  • align course objectives and outcomes with your weekly content
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Develop Course Content
  • draft instructions and details for the assessments, activities, rubrics, and module topics from your syllabus
  • brainstorm with media specialists and educational technologists to identify engaging activities and tools
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Build Robust Course Sites
  • build student-facing course content in Canvas
  • record and embed original media content
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Prepare for Course Launch
  • manage Quality Assurance (QA) testing of your Canvas course
  • verify your Canvas course is ready to "go live" prior to the start of the semester

Getting Started

Your assigned instructional designer will reach out to kick off the course development process with a meeting to determine milestones, deliverables, and next steps. To prepare for these meetings, we recommend that you review the following example timeline that matches your intended development cycle:

Where to find us

Our offices are located at SPS Lincoln Center, 33 West 60th Street, on the 9th floor. Please go to the Meet the Design Team page to find contact information for individual designers.