Media Design

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Animation | Bioethics
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How We Develop Course Media

As media designers, we work with SPS instructional design and faculty partners to determine which media approach (documentary, animation, simulation, etc.) best serves programmatic and course goals. Next, we plot the goals across the course's curriculum map to identify all potential media opportunities.

Once a media piece is confirmed for production, we collaborate with the course's design faculty to build the media piece based on learning objectives. We then script, shoot, animate, and edit the piece before embedding it in the course. The designed media is then an interwoven component of the course's active learning strategy. Media types include case-study simulations, in-the-field documentaries that take students out of the classroom, podcasts that explore course concepts through an expert's lens, animation that illustrates abstract concepts, and much more.

Please contact your academic director or instructional designer for more information about media strategy in your program.

About the Media Design Strategy

Watch this animation to learn more about how our media design strategy works.

Animation: SPS Media Design Strategy

The strategy also supports do-it-yourself approaches to creating course media by faculty and students. We encourage all interested faculty to explore how our flagship media technology Panopto facilitates flipping the classroom, lecture capture, student video creation, video quizzes, and much more. Our team is available for training and support.

Where to Find Us

We operate out of two locations. We have one team based at Columbus Circle, in an office located on the 9th floor, 33 West 60th Street. Our other team is based on Morningside campus at the Media Lab, Teacher's College. Please go to the Meet the Media Team page to find contact information for individual media design and production staff.