Rafael Senices

Rafael is a proud and unwavering Boston Sports fan who thrives off friendly competition. A graduate of Boston College, and having spent two wonderful summers at Columbia University interning for the SPS High School Program, Rafael was drawn to his passions working with higher education because of the positive impact academia has always had on his life.  Born and raised in the inner city of Dorchester, MA and the youngest son of Dominican immigrant parents, education became the greatest vehicle for Rafael. After being accepted into the METCO, Inc. program as a preschooler, Rafael had the privilege of attending school (K-12) in an affluent suburb town, which dramatically molded his childhood and coming of age as a young adult. Although he experienced many social challenges, Rafael owes much of his success to the METCO, Inc. program for pushing him to be the best he could be even when faced with difficult odds.

Outside of work, Rafael likes to enjoy the outdoors such as hiking or camping and playing all kinds of sports. As an avid admirer of the arts, you can always find Rafael drawing, reading manga, or watching one of his favorite anime.