Your Online Meetings: Getting to Know Zoom

Zoom is the cloud-based HD video conferencing platform technology used at CUSPS for online class sessions, office hours, and informal meetings. It allows faculty and students to meet in via webcam and audio and easily share material in real time.

There is no need for you to create an account. A Zoom "Pro" account is provided to all faculty who are teaching an online course. Columbia associated Free accounts are also available to any faculty through CUSPS.

Please reach out to us through the Helpdesk about obtaining or activating you Zoom account.

If you're new to Zoom

Zoom Guides

Zoom "Pro" account guide: The tool has essential features that enhance the online class experience like screen share, cloud recording, group chat, and breakout rooms.

You'll find a our most up to date versions of the: 

  • video tutorial on how to join your zoom meeting
  • full technology guide for participants

in our helpdesk Zoom Resources