Yijun (Diana) Dai

Yijun (Diana) Dai is an Instructional Designer at Columbia University's School of Professional Studies (SPS). She has over five years of experience in instructional design and teaching for a wide range of audiences at both higher education institutions and EdTech companies.

At her previous institutions, Yijun collaborated closely with faculty to design and develop courses for undergraduate, graduate students, and professionals. In addition to course development, she has worked on technical and instructional support for instructors and students to ensure the best learning experience for individuals.

As an advocate of student-centered learning and student agency, she is passionate about creating active and personalized learning experiences to enhance learning outcomes and engagement. She also believes purposeful use of new media and emerging technologies can make learning more accessible and effective to all.
Yijun holds an M.S.Ed. in TESOL from the University of Pennsylvania. As a life-long learner, she keeps learning new knowledge and skills in different fields, which gives her lots of inspiration. She would love to bring the benefits of life-long learning to more individuals.