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Academic Innovation at SPS

Academic innovation at SPS involves our faculty, students, and staff in hands-on collaboration, leverages research and best practices to implement new technologies that support and enrich teaching and learning experiences, and ultimately contributes to building a discipline and community around professional studies and professional education.

Perspectives on Innovation

Current innovation trends and projects sponsored by the Online Curriculum & Instruction team

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Quality Matters

Quality Matters (QM) is a nationally recognized, faculty-centric non-profit that offers a rubric and a peer review process used to certify the quality of online and hybrid course design. 

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Helix Platform

Helix is an application that supports quality and consistency in program and course design by providing a set of tools that facilitate the visualization and validation of alignment. 

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Tech Pilots

Pilots support continuous research into the meaningful use of technology for teaching and learning and help us keep pace with current trends and best practices. 

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Insights and Research

We conduct informal research in order to make rapid small-scale improvements to workflows, processes, and pilots that impact our colleagues, faculty, and students.

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