Faculty Recruitment & Planning

Faculty Recruitment & Planning

The Faculty Recruitment and Planning Team directs the talent acquisition process for faculty roles across Columbia University School of Professional Studies. Our mission is to hire top-tier scholar-practitioners who have distinguished themselves as exceptional educators, subject-matter experts, and industry leaders. We establish talent attraction and sourcing strategies, champion proven-practices, optimize process improvements, and implement new technology platforms to achieve faculty recruiting success at scale. The Faculty Recruitment and Communication team also oversees communication strategies to raise the visibility of faculty research, publications, presentations, and teaching accomplishments. Our vision is for the SPS faculty community to be viewed by students as a leader among peer institutions and the graduate school of choice to enjoy an unrivaled academic experience.  

Headshot of Jamie Douglas
Jamie Douglas

Senior Director, Faculty Recruitment and Planning

Photograph of Donna Holder
Donna Holder

Recruitment Specialist, Faculty Recruitment and Planning

Where to find us

Our office is located on the 12th floor of The Yard, 33 West 60th Street.