Technology for Courses

Technology for Teaching and Learning

The Innovation & Academic Technology team leverages research, best practices and the expertise of instructional designers to design and implement educational technology solutions that meet student and faculty needs and aspirations. Our goal is to facilitate the meaningful use of technology for teaching and learning in traditional, blended, and online learning environments. 

What we do

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Technology Integrations

During the course development process, we work collaboratively with faculty and instructional designers to help identify the most effective use of technology in advancing the teaching and learning goals of a course or program. We then review our educational technology portfolio for available options and design the implementation. Key to achieving successful outcomes is faculty training and support, provided by the Online Support team.

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Technology Pilots

Our team is continuously exploring how we can optimize and innovate the technology-enabled learning experience for students and faculty. At any given time, there are several technologies On the Radar that are in a pilot stage of evaluation. Pilots enable us to explore the potential of a given technology to address teaching and learning goals, while evaluating the user experience, training and support requirements, and other important criteria.

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Research and Evaluation

Our team is committed to an evidence-based approach to technology use in courses. In order to ensure this, we survey the needs and preferences of SPS faculty and students; research current trends, best practices, and academic findings from across the educational community; evaluate our implementations for their impact on teaching and learning outcomes; and synthesize our findings in case studies, guides, and fact sheets.

Got an idea?

Do you have an idea about how course technology can be used to help address a gap or opportunity you've encountered as a designer, faculty or staff member? Do you need help finding a technology solution for a teaching or learning challenge? Do you know about an interesting technology tool that you'd like us to consider vetting or piloting?

We'd love to hear from you!

How and Where to find us

Contact the team at [email protected], or go to the Innovation and Academic Technology team page to contact individual technologists. Or, drop by our office area located on the 9th floor of 33 West 60th Street.